My Favourite Teachers

by Ander Zozaya


Magicbox: Hi Ander glad you joined us for a quick chat on your preferred teacher as Teachers day is coming soon. Tell us about your preferred teachers.

Ander: When you just asked me about my preferred teachers, first thing that comes to mind is some of the names of teachers from Primary School.

Magicbox: Why do you think your memories go that far back?

Ander: I am not sure, it is actually a bit strange as I do not have too many clear memories from when I was 6-7 years old, but I guess those teachers had to be really nice that their names are still stuck in there. Well when you are at that age apart from studying in class, kids learn a lot by just playing and socializing with that’s why I guess I have good memories of that time.

Magicbox: How about later on do you remember closer those good teacher or those you didn’t like so much?

Ander: Hahaha, well now that you mentioned there were a few that I didn’t like that much, I guess those that were more strict or more old school I wouldn’t like that much. But those that I remember better were the ones that would be more approachable, despite being tougher.

Magicbox: Any subject that you specially remember that was better or worse by the teachers?

Ander: Oh sure, I actually liked science since I was a kid, I was better at it than in Arts or Socials, but when we started studying proper Physics, that was hard but I remember a teacher, Peter that made things exciting. Peter was one of those teachers that would ask you to learn by experimenting instead of by memorizing and that was fun.

Magicbox: So Peter was the teacher that had most impact on you…

Ander: Well he definitively was one of those teachers. But maybe the teacher that amazed me most was my Chinese teacher when I joined Chinese Course in Dong Hua University in China. Ms. Lin