How can you use Fresh Flowers to Boost Your Mood with Feng Shui?

by Stephanie Naudo


Spending hours in weekly team meetings, attending networking events, training for the upcoming Standard Chartered Bank race, squeezing in the packed MRT to commute to and from work, working late to finish a project on time. These are the daily activities of the busy and stressful lives we live in Singapore, as well as in many other metropolises in the world.

After my Magicbox arrived, a gift from a friend, I was scanning the Magicbox experiences on the site to decide what I wanted to do. My eyes landed on the Ina Shea Floral Table Centrepiece Workshop and I was struck with inspiration. I have long been a devotee of the Chinese art of Feng Shui. I have found that it brings good energies into my life. I am always looking for creative and beautiful ways to give me a boost and this florists workshop looked ideal! It also gives me the chance to adjust the energies in a simple way. Life in urban centres can be very stressful.

When handled well, burst of stress can be a good way to push ourselves to successfully achieve more. But long-term stress has many negative effects both on our physical and mental health. Did you know that stress can cause depression, high blood pressure, weight gain or loss, and more? Moreover, for those of us living in large cities, an increasingly number of studies shows the negative impact of city life stressful lifestyle on the brain.

But there is hope. Being in touch with nature can help us to reconnect with ourselves and to bring back our inner peace. For daily dose of pure CO2 and zen attitude, let’s invite nature into our homes. However, if Bishan Park greenery is not what your balcony looks like and you don’t have the space for something big, fear not, there are other options available. It was this thought that triggered my thinking about how to use floral arrangements to boost the right energies in your home and de-stress.

In this article, I will share with you how I have counterbalanced the stress encountered in a modern city by giving some thoughts of where to place natural elements, such as plants and flowers, in the right corners of my home. For that, I added fresh cut flowers following the principles of Feng Shui.

Since Orchids are wildly available in tropical countries, I felt they would be a good start. The delicate Orchid is the symbol of fertility in Feng Shui. For success in my career, I placed a purple orchid on my home-office desk. The flower’s beauty is a great motivator to crunch my weekly expenses on Sundays. I selected another bright Orchid, this time of vibrant red colour, to bring creativity, passion, and perfection in my love life. I put the Orchid bouquet in my bedroom.

For wealth and good fortune, I chose to make a centrepiece arrangement highlighting golden Chrysanthemums, to attract wealth and prosperity, and tulips, to bring good fortune. This is my masterpiece arrangement sitting in the middle to the home. It brings pleasure to my eyes, satisfaction for having put this arrangement together, and calmness after a day spent out.

My last touch was to get a seven stalk lucky bamboo for the east side part of my home, which brings plenty of good health for my family members. The lucky bamboo sits in my living room by the window.

Bringing nature over to my home was such a pleasurable experience because it created a beautiful result, a touch of colour and good vibes to my household. Moreover, the steps taken to achieve such results (selecting the flowers and putting together the bouquet) were even more rewarding and satisfying. By the way, if you are unsure about selecting the right flowers that will make a stunning bouquet or centrepiece for your home or if you feel you need to advice about developing your creative vision (like my Feng Shui one here), Magicbox offers a Table Centrepiece Workshop with the talented local florist, Ina Shea.

And why not share the fun and energising creative spark? The Table Centrepiece Workshop is the perfect gift for your best friend’s upcoming birthday, your parents’ wedding anniversary or the perfect experience to celebrate your sister’s bachelorette party.

I will be excited to try out my idea with the creative experts at Ina Shea on hand to develop the beauty and improve my flower-arranging skills.